The Effects of Globalization on the Threshold of Western Civilization: The Case of Turkey and Istanbul

Özlem Özker
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The last two decades of the 20th Century have witnessed fundamental changes to our way of perception of the world. Underlying much of the far reaching transformation of our time has been economic structural change on the global scale.

In cities which is one of man's greatest work of art and achievements a historical transformation of urban form the form which always has been and will be a pitiless indicator of the state of his civilization has taken place in response to the global processes.

The backbone of such change seems to what has been termed "a technological information revolution" which is triggering a restructuring of urban form as profound as the onset of the industrial era marked for the 19th Century.

Turkey established (1923)on Anatolia celebrated in numerous legends scene of the most important events in history the birthplace of the earliest civilizations in the world a land the cultural leadership of mankind passed from the near east to the cities of Aegean Anatolia where the foundations of Western Civilization were laid by the Ionian philosophers in the 6th Century the origins of modern life had been created 13000 years ago in Çatalhöyük threshold of the Western Civilization.

And Istanbul... 2600 years old world city the richness of its cultural historical religious heritage exists nowhere else in the world the greatest most magnificient metropolis in the old world feels strongly the impacts of the global transformations on the process of urbanization. How to adjust this new form to the historical urban forms centuries old architectural character and beauty? Proposed Paper will present how to achieve to the redefinition of the architectural excellence in Turkey which is consisting very complex issues in its history of urban forms.

Keywords: Modernity, Heritage, Globalization
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: The Effects of Globalization on the Threshold of Western Civilization

Özlem Özker

Registered Architect, Chamber of Turkish Architect Engineers, International Union of Architects UIA

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)Faculty of Architecture Turkey: Bsc.(1973-77)
University of Illinois (UofI)School of Architecture Champaign USA: MArch Awards
Restoration Certification:Experiment-Theory Seminar UIA.
My father was Professor (Phd.UofI)established Division of Circuits-Systems first time on the Electrical Engineering Science at ITU (Est.1773).One of the 20 scientist from all over the world invited by the National Academy of Science USA (1954-55) to pursue further research at UofI-Michigan Ann Arbor.I was born in Champaign at that period.
As an Architect-Executive Officer having comprehensive experience on directing/ management/conceiving/implementation of international large scale multi-million US$ investments with international leading construction companies reporting directly to the Presidents-Chairman of the Boards.Presented Papers at Symposiums/published papers/attented national-international architectural competitions.
Pursuing research-arch.projects on the consequences of the globalization on urban environment.Research on "Architecture of Turkey-USA":presentation to Mr.W.J.Clinton 42.President of USA is one them.
At this stage planning to continue to my studies at USA. Since 1999 working very closely on Turkey's integration project to European Union.

Ref: A06P0100