Performing Law

Julie Lassonde
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My presentation will explore how law is performed in daily life through physical acts. I will propose that the body, like language, expresses, generates and is intertwined with an understanding of legal normativity. Law is developed through embodied acts of communication. I will provide a lens through which the audience can see how corporeality shapes our legal landscape. I will further propose that gendered, highly sexualized and intimate experiences are, in their materialization, a rich terrain for feminist artistic inquiry. I will use photo, video and live performance to propose ways to engage with such experiences. Even in the most banal gestures, such as standing between two people interacting with each other or placing legs in a certain way while sitting on a bus, lies a microcosm of norm reproduction and generation processes which can be highlighted through performance art practices.

Keywords: Performance Art Practice, Feminist Inquiry, Gendered Embodiment, Legal Norm Production
Stream: Arts Agendas
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Performing Law

Julie Lassonde

In Person Attendance, LL.M. Candidate in Law and Society, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Fine Arts (Department of Visual Arts), University of Victoria

Ref: A06P0105