The Text of the Sound of the Image: A Multimedia Approach to the Recital of Poetry in a Public Space

Prof. Mario Moroni
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A volume like Icarus'Lands emphasizes the expansion of the medium of printed words into the realm of other artistic media such as music and images. The text becomes voice in the performative version of the poems. The readership itself has the potential for transforming into an audience of viewers and listeners, to whom the poems are coveyed through both the printed page and the multimedia setting. After a brief description of how the book and the DVD came together, the presentation would conclude with 2-3 examples of poems that I would read in a microphone, with the support of the electronic sound and images on DVD screen.

Keywords: Multimedia Presentation, Reciting Poetry in a Public Space, From Printed Words to Multimedia Setting, From Readers to Viewers and Listeners
Stream: Audiences
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Prof. Mario Moroni

Paul and Marilyn Paganucci Assistant Professor of Italian, Department of French and Italian, Colby College

When I still lived in Italy, in the 1980s, I wrote expoerimental poetry. My poetic language developed out of the Avant-garde and the experimental poetry of the 1960s. In the meantime, I practiced performing poetry in a variety of public spaces, theathers, schools, and others. When I moved to the United States, in 1989, I devoted myself to scholarly research and teaching, but I kept working on poetry, even though I departed from the experiments on grammar and syntax that I had worked on and published before. Also, I continued to give public radings. However, only over the last two years the performative side of my poetry has taken a new direction. I asked a composer of electronic music to produce pieces inspired by my poems. He not only created pieces of music, but also created a DVD which combines music and images, eventually I did record my own voice in the DVD itself. The firs experiment consisted of just one multimedia composition for voice, sound, and computerized images. Subsequantly one more piece was added and I performed live these texts with music and images in the backgournd, therefore creating a multimedia public space. The final result of this experiment will be a 20-25 minute DVD, containing the multimedia adaptation of a selection of 4 or 5 of my poems, which will be published along with a larger bilingual edition the poems in the United States (Chelsea Press, 2006).

Ref: A06P0106