The Aesthetic Geography of Emotion: Ethnographic uses of Theatre and the Visual Arts

Dr. Kerric Harvey
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This project presents two contiguous sets of arts-related research experiences, one theoretical and one drawn from an applied setting. Literature from three different fields of study is integrated into an exciting new model for using expressive culture -- in this instance, the visual and dramatic arts --as a valuable tool to augment conventional anthropological research method, resulting in an entirely new type of ethnographic data collection. Practical applications of the model include finding ways of opening dialogue within divided communities and of excavating the emotional understructure which so often pits marginalizedand/or minority groups against the mainstream culture in troubled or changing societies. Particualrly useful in cultures beset by sudden and overwhelming new immigration patterns.

Keywords: Community Mediation, Role-Playing, Drama for Conflict Transformation, Art Therapy, Ethnography, Anthropology of Performance
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Dialogic Theatre and Cultural Geography

Dr. Kerric Harvey

Associate Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., Founding Executive Director, Aldebaran Drama Group

Ref: A06P0111