Reading, Acting, and Imaging: Performativity in the Middle Ages and Now

Prof. Robert L. A. Clark,
Laura Gelfand,
Vibeke Olson,
Prof. James R. Slowiak,
Jairo Cuesta
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“Author! Author! Staging the Authorial Persona in the Illuminated
Manuscripts of Guillaume de Digulleville”
Robert L. A. Clark
Department of Modern Languages
Kansas State University

“The Pleasure of Discovery: Reading Interpictoriality in the Hours of Isabella Stuart”
Laura D. Gelfand
Myers School of Art
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-7801

"All the World's a Stage: Pilgrimage as Performance and Portals as Props"
Vibeke Olson
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
UNC Wilmington
601 S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC

“To Embody the Invisible: Steps towards Creating a Performance based on Guillaume de Digulleville’s Pilgrimage Poems”
James R. Slowiak
Dept. Dance, Theater and Arts Administration
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-1005

“Memory, Time and Presence: An Actor's Perspective on Play and Pilgrimage”
Jairo Cuesta
Co-Artistic Director, New World Performance Laboratory

Keywords: I'm simply not sure what the choice of keywords is here., Also there is no option below to put in that we intend for this to be a 90 minute colloquium.
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds, Analysing Artforms, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
Paper: Reading, Acting, and Imaging: Performativity in the Middle Ages and Now, All the World’s a Stage

Prof. Robert L. A. Clark

Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Kansas State University

Laura Gelfand

Associate Professor, Myers School of Art, The University of Akron

Vibeke Olson

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Prof. James R. Slowiak

Professor, Dept. Dance, Theater and Arts Administration, The University of Akron

Jairo Cuesta

Co-Artistic Director, New World Performance Laboratory

Ref: A06P0114