Outdoor Murals and the Essence Community: Preserving Our Heritage

Professor Martha Kreisel
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Outdoor murals are truly an art of and for the people. They are a visible commitment to the development of an urban or suburban aesthetic. In areas of decay, they can be a small oasis. Over the last 45 years Northport, New York, resident Hans Gabali has been transforming the sides of buildings from brick and stucco into oceans, fishing shanties, deserts, and swimming pools. Folk art is an important part of the culture of the community and Gabali’s murals are an important part of Long Island. This paper explores the place that the outdoor murals of Hans Gabali has in the greater context of the international use of murals throughout the century.

Keywords: Murals, Community Art
Stream: Art in Communities
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Professor Martha Kreisel

Associate Professor of Library Services, Humanities LIbrarian, Reference Department, Axinn Library, Hofstra University

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