Going Beyond Theatre Appreciation: Making the Introduction to Theatre Course Pertinent to the Non-Majors

Daisy Bristow
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Students who have a positive experience in Introduction to Theatre may not become theatre aficionados, but they may very well develop a keener interest in cultural heritage, global diversity, and creative expression. That in itself is a worthy goal for a required general elective fine arts course, but the potential for growth and development in the current student enrolled in an Introduction to Theatre class can be exponential because of the intrinsic nature of the in-class performance. This paper reveals how the Introduction to Theatre class can be taught using an experiential “hands-on” approach and how this approach will help students develop interpersonal skills such as a positive self-image, constructive criticism, flexibility and compromise, body language, first impressions, innovation, and team work.

Keywords: Going Beyond Theatre Appreciation:, Making the, Introduction to Theatre Course, Pertinent to the Non-Major through a, “Hands On” Experiential Approach
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Going Beyond Theatre Appreciation

Daisy Bristow

Assistant Professor of Theatre, The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Media Arts, University of Central Oklahoma

I have enjoyed working in the theatre for the last 20 years as a director, actor, teacher, and writer. I have especially enjoyed directing the following plays; "Seasons Greetings", "Learned Ladies", "Pterodactyls", and "Damn Yankees". I was the Artistic Director of the Capital Academy of the Performing Arts in Santa Fe, NM and found the position challenging and rewarding. I am member of Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association and have experienced a lot of fun playing leading roles in over 30 plays around the United States, opposite performers like; Tom Wopat the star of "The Dukes of Hazards" and Dan Castellenata--AKA Homer Simpson. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre at University of Central Oklahoma and am thrilled to be working with very talented students and colleagues.

Ref: A06P0122