The Journey of Three Women: A Kinesthetic Exploration

Maria Urrutia
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The Journey of Three Women is a personal humanistic and historical study of three women who traveled from Cuba to the United States. This project includes a written paper based on the personal stories of three women, gathered through writings and interviews, and research from outside sources; books written on the subject and documentaries. A collection of three movement studies is the second part of the project representing the illumination of the phenomenological research done by Maria Urrutia on her family. The project has become more than the documentation of one family. It is about the human experience of life and its many journeys.

The process used to create the movement studies will be used to guide members of the audience through a kinesthetic journey of their own. Using questions taken from the original study, the artists’ will guide the participants in a writing and then a kinesthetic exploration about a historical or current event that shaped their lives or changed the way they moved through the world. Participants will share their kinesthetic explorations within small or large groups, pending on number of participants. The workshop will end with the choreography of The Journey of Three Women and a brief question answer session. Through this process the hope is to enlighten the phenomenon of life through the arts.

Keywords: Workshop on the human experience of life and its many journeys.
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Maria Urrutia

The Movement Lounge, The Movement Lounge

The three members of The Movement Lounge Amy King, Bess Mattern and Maria Urrutia have been working collaboratively for four years. Their works have been performed in museums, warehouses, cabarets, fringe festivals and theaters. They are interested in gaining a wider audience for dance by creating thought provoking and visually stunning choreography. Miss King graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA. Her original works have been performed in New York City. Miss Mattern holds a Masters Degree in Dance from Temple University. She worked on The Tamar Rogoff Project, “Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier”. Ms Urrutia is completing her Masters Degree in Dance at Temple University. She has staged a traditional afro-cuban comparsa with pianist Ellio Villafranca.

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