Directing: A Collaborative Artistic Task-Oriented Spoken Communication Process

Dr. Andrea Milde
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This paper deals with the artistic task-oriented spoken communicative working process between directors and actors. In artistic productions (e.g. film, theatre or radio play), the communication between directors and actors is called ‘directing-conversations’ (Regiegespräche). Both directors and actors work in an interactive situation, which makes the communication partners reveal the process of producing spoken text, since they have to act, reformulate, and repeat the text in a collaborative way.

The phenomenon of multivoicedness sometimes occurs in the speech of directors, as they often quickly shift back and forth between multiple voices in order to demonstrate what they want the actor to do with the text.

This paper demonstrates how directors reformulate the acting versions performed by the actors, and refers to audio and video examples in order to show how different types of directions are used in varied ways.

Keywords: Directing, task-oriented communication, artistic text production, spoken language, linguistic discourse analysis
Stream: Analysing Artforms
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Directing

Dr. Andrea Milde

Tutor /PhD student, Department of Germanic Studies, University of Sheffield, UK

Ref: A06P0155