An Examination of Contemporary Artist Sound Recordings as New Genre of Low Tech Art Music.

Dr Phil Edwards
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The purpose of this presentation is to review the plethora of artist recordings that are a common phenomenon of a contemporary art practice. It aims to examine how these recordings have made a different type of music brut or informale with its own theoretical sophistication. It is now common to find the self-publishing of contemporary visual artists to extend into Cd production and for galleries to stock Cds as art products in racks next to artist books and zines or to host sound performances. As technology has become easier and since post-modernity has blurred all artistic zones of activity the low tech of the laptop has made possible music that has as its site and context for representation the contemporary art scene. This has resulted in a genre of recordings unlike any other in popular or traditional modes of experimental music. As well as discussing this phenomenon I would envisage a recording session/performance to take place in order to investigate the construction of a contemporary art music composition in situ.

Keywords: Artist Sound Recordings as a New Genre of Music Brut or Informale.
Stream: Art in Communities, Constructing Art Worlds, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Examination of Contemporary Artist Sound Recordings as New Genre of Low Tech Art Music, An

Dr Phil Edwards

Lecturer in Painting, School Of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

I have a hybrid art practice that is most often circumscribed by performances of music brut or music informale. These recordings are then presented in a series of Cds and installations that may also include painting and video. I have made over 30 Cds in the past 6 years. My main interest in contemporary art is the overlap between performance/music and outsider art practices. To that end it has been a mythical band or artist whose identity is ambiguous that authors many of the three types of recordings.
AND recordings are made by visual artists untrained in making music. SOSO recordings are usually collages of field recordings and Bert Alphett concentrates on mythical film scores. The use of keyboards inexpertly played has been crucial to the sound of all three recording styles. I generally like to record and perform in any new situation that has a public forum.

Ref: A06P0167