Plus + Connection: Women's Health Through Creativity

Ms Margaret Edgecombe
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The purpose of this session is to offer an interactive exploration of the key themes, processes and outcomes of the Floor Project and the Women's Story Wall, a major Arts in Health project conducted in partnership with Dale Street Women's Health Centre in South Australia. Dale Street Women's Health Centre is a community health centre working within a feminist and social justice framework. Throughout their twenty-one year history the Centre has utilised community cultural development as a means of addressing their core health objectives and giving marginalised women creative voice about their lives and communities. Using inspiring graphics, video and interactive activities, the workshop will describe the project and involve participants in examples of the collaborative community art making processes used in the project.

Keywords: Collaborative Art Making, Arts in Health Partnership, Community Participation, Community Capacity Building, Feminist and Social Justice Framework
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Plus + Connection: Women's Health Through Creativity

Ms Margaret Edgecombe

Community Cultural Development Artist (consultant), Dale Street Women's Health Centre, Central Northern Adelaide Health Service, South Australia

Margaret Edgecombe is an artist and musician who has been working in the field of community cultural development for the past eight years through project work as a freelance practitioner and as a ccd worker in local government. She is committed to the arts as a means of expression, social change and community cohesion. Her approach to working with the community through arts practice is to enable opportunities to engage with the arts in a way that enlarges the community's understanding of art practice and what art might be as well as meeting the desired social and political outcomes. She has worked with diverse communities including indigenous Australians, migrants and refugees from many cultures, communities with special needs and has most recently been principal artist in a substantial two year Arts in Health project.

Ref: A06P0176