Pedagogical Approaches to Creative Design Pedagogical Approaches to Creative Design

Mr Werner Wiid
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The theory delineated in this paper is based on a pedagogical intervention developing creativity. Initiating creative design through a learning process incorporating both divergent and convergent thinking skills is the major aim relating to final outcomes of completed designs. The pedagogical model provides time to practice with art materials for mastery of processes and techniques, which allows more certainty in rendering creative responses.
The purpose of this paper is to solve the problem of initiating and developing creative visual artistic designs based on characteristics noted for impulsive and spontaneous art productions in relation to creativity, supported by a relevant assessment procedure. The methodology of pedagogical intervention in creative design must analyse the concepts of design, creativity and evaluation. Analysing and interpreting visual images and means of critical thinking, leads to creative design outcomes. The pedagogical intervention system incorporates design structures related to form, colour and shape, which motivate students to indulge in the experimental creative process.

Keywords: Creative Design, Pedagogical
Stream: Arts Education
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Mr Werner Wiid

Lecturer, Central University of Technology, Free State
South Africa

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