The Difference Between Poetry and Rhetoric, Art and Advertising, Performative and Performance, the Real and the Role

Dr. Eleanor M. Godway
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Art, properly understood, constitutes an opening to what transcends us, such that its significance is crucial to our lives, and by the same token, its betrayal leads to disaster. Recognition of this dynamic of the becoming of Truth enables us to reflect on new possibilities for our culture which is perhaps almost unable to face what may be its fate. Insights are developed from Audre Lorde's definition, Heidegger's "poesis" and "aletheia", Merleau-Ponty's "parole originaire", (and my own coinage - "politique originaire"), J.L.Austin's "performative", Derridas's "deconstruction" and Lacan's account of the "Real" are welded together in an account of its transformative potential in social, political and personal life (to the extent that these can be distinguished), and its essential and profound vulnerability.

Keywords: Audre Lorde, Poetry and Rhetoric, Martin Heidegger, Poesis and aletheia, Art and Advertising, J.L.Austin, Performative and performance, M.Merleau-Ponty, Parole originaire, The becoming of Truth, J.Derrida, Deconstruction, J.Lacan and the Real
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Paper: Difference between Poetry and Rhetoric...”, “The

Dr. Eleanor M. Godway

Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Central Connecticut State University

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