Arts Education for the Twenty-First Century: Engagement through Interdisciplinary Experiences

Dr. Jane Fiske
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Arts Education for the Twenty-First Century: Engagement through Interdisciplinary Experiences

This 30-minute paper is based on a course offered at Fitchburg State College for the Leadership Academy Honors Program. The course features two lectures and a colloquium weekly. The colloquium provides students an opportunity to experience the new styles featured in the lecture.

Students studying the art, music, literature, dance, and philosophy of modern times are best engaged through interdisciplinary experiences from Cubism and Stravinsky to minimalist Cage and pop artist Warhol. Modern and Post-Modern styles reflect the times: the rejection of former values, the new Freudian psychology, two world wars, globalization, and the effects of science and technology.

To understand these radical new styles students are engaged experientially in the colloquium by creating original works in the style of the masters. Highlights include writing an Imagist poem, creating a Cubist painting, choreographing Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, drawing in Surrealist automatic style, creating dream reflection images, creating “action-painting” and composing chance music.

This paper will share information with artists, educators, administrations, and students on a viable approach for presenting the radical new styles of art found in modern times. The presentation will feature an opportunity for participants to engage in one or more colloquium activities.

Keywords: Arts Education, Interdisciplinary Experience
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Dr. Jane Fiske

Professor of Humanities (Music), Humanities Department, Fitchburg State College

Faculty at Fitchburg State College since 1986, Professor of Humanities (Music), Department Chair 1997-2003, studied with Maria Bono, Gabriel Chodos, and Maria Clodes Jaguaribe. Performed throughout the New England area as principal soloist with the Indian Hill Symphony Orchestra, the Salem Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Marlboro Symphony Orchestra. Winner of Thayer Symphony Orchestra's Concerto Competition. Performs frequently at Fitchburg State College, Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, 1794 House in New Salem, and the Fitchburg Public Library. Holds a doctor of musical arts degree in music education from Boston University and bachelor and master degrees in piano performance from the New England Conservatory of Music. Served as Assistant Director of the Young Artist Piano Program at Boston University's Tanglewood Institute. Received Teacher of the Year Award at Fitchburg State College. Dedicated to the performance of women's music; founded Euterpe Trio chamber ensemble, developed Women, Music and Society course, recently presented papers on women in music for Festival of Women Composers at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; College Music Society Seventeenth Annual Meeting at Berklee College of Music, and the Kansas State University Academic Chairpersons Conference, Orlando, Florida. Recently released first CD recording featuring works by Scarlatti, Schumann, Brahms, Clara Schumann, Villa-Lobos, Messiaen, and Debussy.

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