The Potential for a Rich Variety of Learning Opportunities that can be Facilitated Through the Learning Area Arts and Culture, with Emphasis on Visual Art

Dr. Georina Westraadt
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Against the background of educational change following the institution of a new government in South Africa and the resulting change in the curricula vor B. Ed. students, the Revised national Curriculum was studied in depth. Opportunities for rich and varied learning to take place through the arts are possible through the use of the new curriculum.
Learning is discussed and learning in the Arts is the focus. the rich variety of learning possible through Visual Arts education is scritinized as it can affect the entire development and learning of children.
The various aspects, namely the Cognitive, Aesthetic, Perceptual, Emotional/spiritual, Manipulative/physica, social, and Entrepreneurial/voactional recieve attention.
Attention is given to variations in learning. The RNC and the possibilities for a variety of learning to take place, is discussed. Emphasis is given to visual literacy, the arts in cultural context and the arts and popular culture. The complications and possibilities that are encountered receive attention,while the study that is undertaken gets explained and findings after the conducted case studies will be shared. The paper ends with a positive vision for the future, which coulc lead to a ric and varied learning experience through Arts and Culture in schools in the RSA.

Keywords: LearningVariations in learning, Cognitive, Aesthetic, Perceptual, Emotional/spiritual, Manipulative/physical, Social, Entrepreneurial/vocational, Arts and culture, Arts and popular culture, Visual literacy
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Potential for a Rich variety of Learning Opportunities that can be Facilitated through the Learning Area Arts and Culture, with Emphasis on Visual Art, The

Dr. Georina Westraadt

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Cape Peninsula university of technology
South Africa

Involved with teacher training for the past 10 years. Responsible for the design of the new curriculum for Visual Art for the B. Ed. course. Training students in Foundation and Intermediate/Semior phase in Visual Art. At present busy with case studies as part of research for Master of Education. Majored in History of Art and Psychology. Gained ATCL in singing and is a Ceramics artist.

Ref: A06P0236