Adapting the Novel for Live Performance

Dr. Jennifer Munday
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Adapting the novel for live performance, by

Jennifer Munday.

Many playwrights and other artists turn to published literary works when creating live performance. Currently most research concerning the adaptation of literature to another artform involves adaptation to film. This paper and presentation reviews a doctoral study that enquired into the adaptation of the novel for live performance.

The term adaptation is used in the specific sense of an author, artist, screenwriter or playwright, taking a work of literature, that is, a novel of fiction (written with the intention of being read in it’s own style and detail over a period of time), which is then transformed into another art-form. And particularly, for this study, adapted for live stage performance.

This presentation will be in two forms: a performance of an adaptation of 9 beginnings, from the Occasional Writing of the same name, by Margaret Atwood, as a short practical example of a process resulting from the doctoral study; and a paper discussing an overview of the theoretical findings from the study.

Keywords: Theatre arts, Performance, Adaptation
Stream: Analysing Artforms
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Adapting the Novel for Live Performance

Dr. Jennifer Munday

Lecturer in Arts and Technology, Murray School of Education, Charles Sturt University

Jennifer teaches in the Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University in Arts and Technology. Her higher degree studies and Theatre Arts research projects have been facilitated through Arts and Humanities. Her recent performance projects have included the elements of technology, projected images, soundscapes, and storytelling. Her performances are often created in unusual spaces, including parks, art galleries, pubs, railway stations, as well as traditional theatres. The works combine the art forms of music, drama, visual art and sometimes, dance.

Within the Faculty of Education she has researched about student teacher beliefs about their own learning, and has a specfic interest in blended learning environments for flexible and innovative delivery of teaching.

Ref: A06P0241