The Revival of Litema: New Hope for a Disappearing Art

Ms Carina Mylene Beyer
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In 1976 a lecturer of the National Teachers Training College of Lesotho expressed fears about the continued existence of this unique, yet generally unfamiliar, art form. Factors such as westernisation, urbanization and modernization directly contribute to the decline in Litema mural sightings.

This paper aims to give insight into the findings of an ongoing, four-year long study into the origins and symbolism of Litema. The article is introduced by an overview into the art form: stylistic approaches, application methods and time periods involved. Furthermore, the discussion intends to acquaint the audience with the creator of the Litema mural.

The article concludes with a brief summary of the aims of the various Revival of Litema projects as well as the envisaged outcomes to these projects.

Accompanying this paper will be a visual presentation of Litema photographs as well as graphical presentations of the art form.

Keywords: Litema, Basotho Mural Art, South Africa
Stream: Art in Communities, Analysing Artforms
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Ms Carina Mylene Beyer

Lecturer in Photography, Photography Program,
School of Design Technology and Visual Art, Central University of Technology, Free State

South Africa

Theoretical and practical lecturer to 2nd-year photography students at the (School of Design Technology and Visual Art) Central University of Technology, Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Currently registered for the Master (degree) in photography. Involved in a community service and research project focussing on Litema, otherwise known as Basotho mural art. Born and raised in Namibia. Located to South-Africa in 2001.

Ref: A06P0242