Low Rider Bikes in Higher Education: A Project by Throw Away Youth

Professor Future Akins-Tillett
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"Low-Rider Bikes in Higher Education: A Project by Throw Away Youth"
Future Akins- Tillett
Inspired by Chicano youth culture that involves "low-rider" bikes (bicyles modified along the styles of low rider cars with elaborate detail, embellishment and ornamentation) and hoping to motivate junior high students to consider art as a stepping stone towards attending college, a Texas Tech University Assistant Professor of Art in Visual Studies co-creates an art opportunitie for Hispanic and white low-income youth in Lubbock, Texas. Fourteen and fifteen year-old teenagers enrolled in an art class created low-rider bikes with discared parts and throw-away materials, while Texas Tech University art studio majors in a kinetic sculpture course created "dream bikes" using metals and fabrication work. Both sets of resulting bikes were displayed along with true low-rider bikes from the local community in a sidewalk parade. This presentation will dissect and discuss both student populations' experiences and performances, community and academic reactions/feedback, fund-raising efforts and obstacles, cultural considerations and reactions based on social class, race and ethnicity.

Keywords: Low-rider Bikes in Higher Education
Stream: Art in Communities, Arts Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Low Rider Bikes in Higher Education

Professor Future Akins-Tillett

Assistant Professor of Art, Texas Tech University, School of Art, Visual Studies, Texas Tech University

I am a feminist artist educator who grew up as a military brat in an alcoholic home. I have survived being widowed young, two failed marriages and numerous jobs,relationships and "start overs".....this is the foundation of my work both as an artist and as a teacher. My research/ my art is focused on woman and aging: their self image vs. mass media's false image. It is on growing up in a military family and how there is no hometown, no settled place to land. And it is on re-thinking art: how we learn art, how we teach art and how we approch art.

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