Cities Learn Through Arts Discourse: Portland, Oregon as Case Study

Dr. Brooke Jacobson
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Studies of urban planning generally focus on political and economic factors--the respective roles of government and business, planning and development commissions. This study looks instead at how discourse about the arts, adult education and public media stimulated new forms of engagement and arts consciousness that in turn generated a climate in which the visions of diverse sections of the population could be drawn into community dialogue about the shape, the look, and the feel of the urban environment. Focusing on the particular role played by an individual Film Consultant to the Portland Continuation Center and County Library the study shows how a passionate commitment to the art of film and the role of documentary as public discourse contributed to an informed model of urban growth.

Keywords: Urban Design, Art Education, Film, Documentary, Public Media
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Cities Learn through Arts Discourse

Dr. Brooke Jacobson

Adj. Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Portland State University

Co-Founder in with Robert Summers of the Northwest Film and Video Center, a regional film study center, in Portland, Oregon (1970). Director of NW Media Project 1974-76. Film criticism Community radio, Film Quarterly, Journal of Film and video.

Ref: A06P0301