Invoking the Microcosm: Building Global Artists and Audiences of the Future

Prof. Charlotte Collins
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Beyond the Choir: Engaging the Congregation by
Dr. Sandra Bird, Assistant Professor of Art Education, Charlotte Collins, Assistant Professor of Art, College of the Arts Core Coordinator, Dr. Linda Hightower, Department Chair and Full Professor of Art, Natasha Lovelace, Assistant Professor of Art, and Keith Smith, Assistant Professor of Art, all from Kennesaw State University, United States of America.
This presentation offers a multi-faceted approach towards awareness and tolerance for our differences and commonalities through the Arts in Society humanities courses for non-art majors. These students are the future arts audiences. In order to accept personal responsibility of social issues, they must be experientially engaged. It is vital to connect ideas to context through active responses that are aesthetic in nature. Students need to have the opportunity to practice what we preach: critical, creative avenues for promoting ethics, diversity and a global perspective.

Embracing Global Responsibility in Foundations Courses by
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The visual arts draw us into the interpretive act, which honors and showcases multiple viewpoints. One common curricular mission is to cultivate Fine and Applied Art graduates with creative problem solving skills in a global perspective for the evolving world community. How do we instill a sense of responsibility in these diverse students at the beginning of their academic career? Our panel will focus on exemplary lesson plans designed to impact student lives, and ultimately their audiences, also.

In our colloquium we propose a panel discussion on a multi-faceted approach towards global awareness and sense of responsibility. Our panel will present exemplary projects for both non-art majors (future audiences) and art majors (future artists). Following this, we will facilitate an exchange of insights and interpretive responses for promoting the experience of diversity within the classroom, with an eye towards cross-disciplinary efforts.

Keywords: experiential, microcosm, global, art foundations, arts audience, humanities, interdisciplinary
Stream: Audiences, Arts Education, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Invoking the Microcosm

Prof. Charlotte Collins

Assistant Professor of Art, College of The Arts Core Coordinator, Department of Visual Arts, Kennesaw State University

Professor Collins has taught art for all age levels including K-12 and Higher Ed. (College) since 1978. She has served as the College Of The Arts Core Coordinator for the Department of Visual Arts at Kennesaw State University since 2002. As a member of the General Education Council, she is in charge of the curriculum for the Arts in Society: Visual Arts courses for the university. She also currently serves on the F.A.T.E. curriculum guidelines committee for arts foundation courses, and helps plan curriculum for 2-D Design courses. Her Teaching Lessons can be found in the McGraw-Hill On-Line Learning Site that supplements Getlein's Living With Art textbook.

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