Pushing the Wall: Artfully Exploring Complexities and Contradictions of Socially Responsive Pedagogy

Dr. Lynn Sanders-Bustle,
Dr. Rosary Lalik
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In this session, presenters will use a lens of critical literacy to examine the pedagogy of Lynn, an art education professor. Our session will focus on our analysis of a particular project in which Lynn worked with 12 intermediate level art education undergraduates to explore issues related to homelessness and poverty in the US. We will highlight the complexities, contradictions, and possibilities inherent in Lynn’s pedagogy as she attempted to enact a socially responsive pedagogy through engaging the students in collaborating with clients at a center for homeless adults to design and install a 12 by 75 foot mosaic on the side of a homeless shelter located in Southwestern Louisiana.

To help our audience understand our analysis, we will involve them in a series of art experiences in which they become vicarious participants in the project we studied. Our session will include: 1) our reading of a poem that provides a brief introduction to Lynn’s pedagogy and practice; 2) staged readings by audience participants of quotes excerpted from student and client interviews juxtaposed with projected images of collaborators; 3) a dialogue with the audience and 4) the collaborative creation of a paper mosaic.

Keywords: Social justice, Critical literacy, Issues Based Arts Education, Public Art, Critical Pedagogy, Art Education
Stream: Art in Communities, Arts Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Lynn Sanders-Bustle

Assistant Professor of Art Education, Department of Visual Arts, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Lynn Sanders-Bustle is Assistant professor in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she teaches art education. She has an undergraduate and graduate degree in art education from East Carolina; her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. She taught art in public schools working with students across the K-12 spectrum. She is editor of the book, Image, Inquiry, and Transformative Practice: Engaging Learners in Creative and Critical Inquiry Through Visual Representation published in 2003 by Peter Lang. She has published in professional journals and presented at National conferences. Her work is devoted to art education, inquiry, social justice, and literacy.

Dr. Rosary Lalik

Associate Professor of Literacy and Director Education Programs at NVC, School of Education, Virginia Tech University

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