Elemental Changes: Using Meditation and Mindful Awareness in the Expressive Arts

Rosemary Wentworth
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Elemental Changes offers tools through breathwork, centering, guided imagery and expressive arts to bring into affirmation disowned parts of self or uncomfortable situations into a zone of acceptance. Journaling, Mandala work, Touch Drawing, Haiku, Zen Koans,Bantu poetry(Call & Response), scribble drawing and canvas work are taught. Tibetan healing bowls and drumming are also part of reflective meditation.

Keywords: Expressive Arts, Mindfulness, Meditation, Changes
Stream: Analysing Artforms
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Elemental Changes

Rosemary Wentworth

Director, Director of T.H.E.A., Inc (Transformation Healing though the Expressive Arts), Providence Center

Mental health concerns are becoming an increased cause for concern in society as resources for care diminsh. Stereotypes abound around those formally incarcerated or working to recovery. My passion is to offer a person the opportunity to learn to speak from their Authentic Voice and to have that platform of self-advocacy and self-discovery available through exhibition of imaging,narrative storytelling or poetry. Working from a cognitive psychotherapy model to examine thoughts,feelings and behaviors within the embedded experience of living,family strength and resiliency are hallmarked as a means to self-exploration. The arts are the sacred holding container for process work to unfold naturally. Thus, difficult issues and beliefs can be accessed, released and transformed with safety. Mind, body and soul are given a forum for intuitive interaction. In this way a person can re-cognize or gain insights that uniquely reflect their own stylistic quailites that offer a way of knowing.

Ref: A06P0341