A (Virtual) World of My Own: A Case Study Examining Cultural and Artistic Influences in Virtual Reality Design

Todd Smith
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This presentation is based on as a case study I conducted which seeks to answer the question “What are the cultural influences found in multicultural designers of virtual reality (VR) environments? In particular, my interest was to ascertain designer's cultural and artistic perceptions, what impact these elements exert on their creations, and why they do so. Virtual reality technology, whether used for science, education or entertainment such as video games, is part of an intricate symbolic domain that constructs perceptions of culture. Typically, individuals and cultures have been represented in these computer generated synthetic contexts with little or no agency. However, the rapid dissemination of virtual reality technology puts the power of agency in the minds and hands of a diverse group of designers. The paper argues for a more equitable, heterogeneous representation of diverse cultures in virtual reality.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Design, Culture, Artist, Art Worlds, Representation
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Todd Smith

Associate Professor,Coordinator, Visual Communication Arts, Department of Communication Studies
School of Communication, Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Todd Smith is Coordinator of Visual Communication Arts at Liberty University. He teaches Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphics, Web Design, 3D Graphics, and 3D Animation. His research in digital art centers on cultural and educational implications of Virtual Reality and Interactive Media. He has presented his research at a number of conferences and workshops in the United States. Smith is also a professional artist working with traditional media and an exhibiting member of Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc., an art guild comprised of over 400 artists from 12 southeastern states and the District of Columbia. His work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the Southeastern USA.

Ref: A06P0349