The Postmodern Festival: At the Cross Roads Between the Local and the Global?

Dr Donna Chambers,
James McVeigh,
Dr. Beatriz Garcia,
Dr. Elizabeth Carnegie,
David Jackson,
Prof. Stuart Gulliver FRSE
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The ‘postmodern condition’ is said to be characterised by the rejection of meta narratives and universal paradigms in favour of more localised forms of knowledge. In a postmodern world the boundaries between artist and audience, seriousness and play, high culture and kitsch and local and global have become blurred. Instead, eclecticism and jouissance have become the order of the day. The question for discussion is whether festivals reflect or should reflect this postmodern paradigm which perceives all local artistic and cultural expressions as having equal ‘validity’ or have most of today’s festivals seemingly rejected postmodern philosophies in favour of a new metanarrative of globalisation, characterised by cultural homogenisation?

Hosted by the Centre for Festival and Event Management (CFEM), Napier University.

Keywords: Festivals, Postmodern Paradigm, Metanarrative, Globalisation
Stream: Festivals
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
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Dr Donna Chambers

Lecturer in Tourism Management, Marketing and Tourism, Napier University

Donna spent a number of years in the tourism industry in the Caribbean and is currently a member of the Centre for Festival and Event Management at Napier University. In this role she has helped to organise a number of festival related events and has edited publications in this area.

James McVeigh

Festivals Development Manager, External Relations, Arts Council England

James has many years practical experience of festivals across several genres in both England and Ireland, and in his current role he works with festivals on sustainability and growth strategies, in addition to developing international festival partnerships and a festival policy context for Arts Council England

Dr. Beatriz Garcia

Director, Impacts 08
Liverpool, UK

Beatriz is an active researcher in cultural policy and event-led urban regeneration and has analysed existing models of cultural policy in cities, discussing how these can better contribute to the long term sustainability of cultural events and festivals.

Dr. Elizabeth Carnegie

Lecturer in Arts and Heritage, Leisure Management Division, University of  Sheffield

Elizabeth is lecturer in Leisure Management with particular responsibilities for arts and heritage management. She has considerable experience of the museums and galleries sector having worked as a curator of history with Glasgow Museums and participated in a number of high profile and award winning projects.

David Jackson

Manager, Edinburgh Winter Festivals, Leisure, City of Edinburgh Council
Scotland, UK

Appointed in February 2004 by the City of Edinburgh Council to manage the development and delivery of Edinburgh’s Winter Festivals, David has over twenty years’ experience in a wide range of business situations

Prof. Stuart Gulliver FRSE

Professor of City Development, Glasgow University Business School, Glasgow University

Professor Stuart Gulliver FRSE was for 10 years the Chief Executive of Glasgow Development Agency and has spent his career in economic development agency work. He specialises now in 'city turn-around' strategies and operates in Britain and Europe.

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