The Art of Conflict: Making Art About Ourselves

Prof. Mario Minichiello
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According to Nigel Spivey Images came to us before the spoken or written word, and the images we make differ according to who we are and what cultural background claims us. Art is an expression of self and of our own personal journey, which is less easy to define. I know that artists are concerned with exploring and questioning, constantly searching for ways to challenge or find insights into our selves and society. This includes the need to communicate with each other in a growing variety of ways in what is an ever more complex world. This workshops starts to engage you with aspects of this process through making narrative and representational art. Come prepared to draw and paint.

Keywords: Workshop, Expore, Fun, Insightful
Stream: Arts Agendas, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
Paper: Art of Conflict, The

Prof. Mario Minichiello

Senior Lecturer Loughborough University School of Art and Design LUSAD, Social Science and Humanities, Loughborough University School of Art and Design
Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

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I am an academic and artist/designer my work can be seen in books and on the wwweb including:
The art of conflict war in Afghanistan AHRB funded exhibition and research work. Research Supported by AHRB - Publication ISBN 0 953 83809

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