Movement Art: Engaging Children in the Artist’s Visual Chronicle of Sport to Enhance Historical Thinking

Dr. Eleanor B. English,
Dr. Nancy A. Chicola
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Children have always enjoyed being involved in the physical movement of games and sport as well as the visual arts. This appears to be a motivational strategy for learning historical and artistic concepts. Historical chronology has always been difficult for children to understand. The interaction of sport with history and art serves to expand children's historical thinking by helping them to distinguish between past and present and explain change and continuity over time. Additionally, children become cognizant of visual art forms in relation to the story of sport.

Artists have depicted the facets of people, events and customs of their cultures utilizing diverse styles and media of art from primitive cave drawings to electronic images. A conventional custom found in most societies throughout history was the competitive and recreative physical activity of sport. Through the conscious reproduction of sport movements, the artists have brought forth not only the beauty, physicality, rhythm, struggle and emotion of the athletes in sporting events, but also have provided, via this movement art, the chronicle of sport throughout the various eras of history.

Participants will be presented with a sketchbook of paintings and other works of art from ancient to contemporary artists depicting the story of sport. Everyone will have an opportunity to view and interpret examples of artists’ work and create, in groups, their moving visual perspective of sport.

Keywords: Movement Art, Children and Historical Thinking, Sport Art
Stream: Audiences, Arts Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Movement Art

Dr. Eleanor B. English

Professor, School of Education, Adolescence Education, St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, NY, USA

Dr. Nancy A. Chicola

Associate Professor, Department of Elementary Education and Reading
School of Education, State University of New York, College at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY, USA

Both presenters have made use of their educational and professional backgrounds to collaborate as presenters at national and international conferences, writers of articles in professional journals, and as co-authors of two books for practitioners dealing with children's literature and social studies.

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