Sculpture Parks in Cyberspace

Dr. Randy Howe
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Web design is a two-dimensional art that may incorporate moving images, imply depth and encourage interactivity. Sculpture is an art of space and volume. It shares some of the qualities of web design as it can invite interactivity and be kinetic, but is inherently different in its three-dimensions. Web sites provide a place where objects can be browsed, viewed, read and heard. It may safely be said that sculpture parks serve a similar function, with differences resting in part in its live, outside and on-site viewing. An analysis of sculpture park-related web sites will be described in this presentation. This combination of media and subject matter was surveyed with an adaptation of Jesse James Garrett’s five planes of user experience (surface features, layout, content structure, scope, and strategy). Semiotic analysis was conducted to shed light on historical, cultural and environmental signifiers. Contemporary thinkers on layout and placement in varied settings were reviewed in the literature with further elaboration generated by Erwin Panofsky’s work on perspective and symbolism. Presentation attendees will be invited to critique and inform the analysis of one of the dozen sculpture park web sites analyzed.

Keywords: Sculpture Parks, Web Design, Usability, Semiotics, Perspective
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Randy Howe

Associate Professor, Communications Media Department, Fitchburg State College
Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA

An associate professor at Fitchburg State College, former graphic designer and researcher for several firms, Dr. Howe's research interests include creativity and visual communication with a focus on print and interactive media. Professional interests include instructional design and technology, information design and advertising. Recently Dr. Howe spoke at both the Sloan-C conference and the Massachusetts Colleges Online conference on the topic of engaging the visual arts student online. Most recently he presented on the topic of "Ethical Perspectives on Digital Image Plagiarism" to the International Visual Literacy Association. Dr. Howe is currently conducting research on communication program outcomes assessment and writing a book on visual literacy.

Ref: A06P0375