Warning: Art Bridge Construction: Art Dealer Draws a Map

Meli Solomon
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The fragmentation that is so prevalent in our culture, is fundamentally unhealthy and unsatisfying. When we have multi faceted lives that are connected, we feel more integrated inside, and our lives are richer and more rewarding. Providing beauty, inspiration and engagement, makes life worthwhile, keeping the necessary fundamentals in perspective. My project is bridging the chasm.

I know, from personal experience, the value of living with original art, of having it be a regular, integral part of my life, not some rarified thing that only a few have or know of. The world of ideas is crucial, but equally so is the need for application. There are different constituents, types of work and pipelines. Some are served better than others, and my focus is on the under served but interested Novice Buyer. I am developing for a mode that works for this overlooked segment of potential art enthusiasts. The key is to provide expert guidance and a map outlining the way from confusion and intimidation to sophisticated yet livable art.

This is not a simple dilemma, and therefore calls for a complex answer. In my approach, when a client buys a painting, they are buying a product, as well as a bridge to an experience. Getting out of the White Box and into a welcoming situation, process and attitude is central, along with reaching people where they are. Through field research, I will be adding to my existing knowledge, to find new creative ways of using art as a healing salve, identifying the relevance for them, increasing comprehension and facilitating integration.

Keywords: Contemporary Art, Art Gallery, White Box, Novice Buyer, Integration, Engagement, Modes of Connection
Stream: Art in Communities
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Paper: Warning: Art Bridge Construction

Meli Solomon

President, n/a, Solomon Fine Art
Seattle, WA, USA

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