Are Corporate Art Collections an American Innovation? Why are Most Corporate Art Collections Located in the US?

Dr. Michael Bzdak
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Business has had a quantifiable effect on the course of American art in the last 100 years. This paper will explore the often tenuous relationship between the arts and business in the history of American art. Although the paper primarily focuses on corporate collecting, issues surrounding sponsorship and corporate philanthropy will be discussed. This paper will reveal some of these effects as well as how the art collection can serve as an element of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Keywords: Corporate Art, Corporate Social Responsibility
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Corporate Art Collections an American Innovation?, Are

Dr. Michael Bzdak

Director, Director, Corporate Contributions
Curator, Corporate Art Collection
Visitng Part Time Lecturer, Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers University

New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

I received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MA and Ph.D.from Rutgers University. I am a visiting part-time lecturer in the Art History Department at Rutgers University. My interests are in the intersection of art and commerce. In addition, I am also interested in the history of design in Milan, Italy. I teach a course on Art and Commerce at Rutgers University and delivered a paper on Banking and Art Collections at an International Conference in 2005 in Cork, Ireland. I have been the curator of the Johnson & Johnson collection for 15 years.

Ref: A06P0408