Mormonism and the Modern/Postmodern Continuum: Balancing Public Theory and Private Theology

David Lindsay
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Artists and art educators function within the context of artistic and philospohical theory that informs and enriches their own work. My experience as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and a contemporary artist has required that I balance the interrelationship and confrontation between the theories that move the art world and the theology that moves my heart. This paper is meant as a discussion of the interaction between my own theology and the general arc of philisophy that governs much of the discussion of contemporary art, and how I balance the often tenuous or adversarial relationship between the two.

Keywords: Art and Religion
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Mormonism and the Modern/Postmodern Continuum

David Lindsay

Assistant Professor, School of Fine Art, Texas Tech University

My own artwork explores perception of the human figure on structured, three-dimensional surfaces. The work comes from the experience of living in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Italy for extended periods of time, and comparing the change of perception of the individual as mediated by one's surroundings. The three-dimensional structures in the artwork are invested with metaphorical significance as they bend and manipulate perception of the individual depicted. The interaction of the three-dimensional forms and figural images incites questions about what influences our perception of ourself and of others.

Ref: A06P0042