Ned Kelly! The Story From the Distaff Side and How Greek Tragedy was Re-Imagined in Glenrowan, Australia

Ms Brenda Joy Addie
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As a co-writer and producer of the theatre project, Quilting the Armour, the presenter encountered the challenge of staging an entertainment based on the highly contested, 125-year-old Ned Kelly saga from the feminine perspective: at a festival commemorating Kelly's capture by the police: in a non-sanctioned theatre space: to heal a broken community: to promote tourism: and to assist in economic development and capacity building.

In addition to presenting the case study and the outcomes of the project, Brenda Addie will perform excerpts from the work.

Keywords: Heritage Tourism, Greek Tragedy, Community Theatre, The Feminine Voice, Bounty Migrants, Ned Kelly, Non-sanctioned Spaces, Place-based Performance
Stream: Arts Agendas, Art in Communities, Constructing Art Worlds, Festivals
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Ned Kelly! The Story from the Distaff Side

Ms Brenda Joy Addie

Master of Creative Arts Student, School of Creative Arts (Theatre Studies), Melbourne University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Having acted with such luminaries as Meryl Streep, Richard Todd, Max Von Sydow, Michael York, Sam Neil and Sooty, Brenda Addie is currently engaged in Theatre Studies research at Melbourne University where she is investigating her own Community Theatre project and the use of the classical tragic form in a fragmented and isolated rural setting. She is particularly interested in theatre in non-sanctioned spaces and the efficacy of the theatre estate to enhance collective agency.

Ref: A06P0428