ArtFull: Creative Space, Participation and Mental-Health Promotion

Dr James Oliver,
Paul Leonard Murray
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'Our innate creativity is the most potent force for individual change and social vision'(St Andrew’s Day Speech 2003; Scot Exec Cultural Policy Statement 2004).

The Scottish Executive government's Health Department has developed a National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland. Within this Programme, creativity is recognised as having potential to be effective in delivering mental health and wellbeing. ArtFull is the initiative designed to innovatively translate this into action, through arts participation.

The workshop explores the practical and philosophical challenges of introducing Arts-first approaches to cross-cutting policy development. The workshop will generate conversation and critical reflection on the development and implementation of ArtFull.

Keywords: Mental Health/Development, Creativity, Public Policy, Practice as Reseach
Stream: Arts Agendas
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: ArtFull

Dr James Oliver

Research co-ordinator, ArtFull: arts mental health and well-being in Scotland., Scottish Arts Council / Scottish Executive
edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Paul Leonard Murray

Director, ArtFull, Scottish Arts Council / Scottish Executive
edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Ref: A06P0429