Maori Performing Arts: Autonomy and Quality

Teurikore Biddle
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Maori society and culture continue to endure the impacts of colonisation. Maori performing arts is a medium for the revitalisation, development and retention of both Maori language and culture. The purpose of this presentation is to draw upon many of the issues that impinge upon Maori asserting their autonomy over their art.

Keywords: New Zealand History, Contemporary New Zealand, Maori Performing Arts, Autonomy
Stream: Art in Communities, Arts Education, Festivals, Art and Human Rights
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Teurikore Biddle

Lecturer, Maori Studies Department
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciencies, Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

Teurikore graduated from Waikato University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and completed her Masters of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington. Teurikore is currently working towards a PhD specialising in Maori performing arts.

Ref: A06P0449