Mask On, Masks Off

Dr. Caroline Mercier
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What is the best path in establishing connections between all the various elements of theatre such as acting, playwriting, directing or designing (to name a few) and eventually create a complete picture that would resonate significance in the eye of each student. Taking its origin in ritual process, the mask was found to be an excellent tool to produce a better teaching method to clarify and expand on the fact that theatre is not only a form of artistic expression, but a representation of reality not limited to the stage. The mask also helped in understanding storyboards, theatrical spaces, climactic and episodic structures, composition of the theatre of diversity, set and costume designs. It provided a unifying foundation to all the elements of theatre into which both realities (theatrical and personal) were merged into one global perspective. This paper shows how it was used and the impact of its application on students.

Keywords: Theatre, Mask, Teaching
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Mask On, Masks Off: A case study of multiplicity

Dr. Caroline Mercier

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, California State University Stanislaus
Turlock, California, USA

Dr. Caroline Mercier has taught, designed and exhibited her work for more than 12 years. Originally from Quebec, she has collaborated with companies such as Le cirque du Soleil, Theatre Omnibus, Tuyo and McGill Opera. She started in fashion and quickly moved on to theatre where she worked across all live and recorded media. She has also dressed many famous personalities through the years such as Rosanne Barr, Dennis Leary and Drew Carey. Lately, she could be found on the set of the upcoming movie: She’s the man. More recently she has also crossed boundaries into the world of Fine Arts, and has been invited as guest artist in residence in Art Centers in Ireland, France and Thailand. She spent 5 years in the British Isles, studying and creating new work. Since her return to America, she has taught at NMU in Michigan and was a visiting artist at CSU Fresno last year. She is now full-time at CSU Stanislaus and involved in writing circles, the restructuration of the theatre degree as well as the growth of her department and students.

Ref: A06P0455