Rendering Gender

Prof. Aaron Fine,
Dr Cole Woodcox
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The presenters will discuss the process and results of curating an exhibit on gender performance at a university art gallery in rural Missouri. They will also detail the methods they used to engage with the rural community. The artwork exhibited raised issues by reminding a rural community of its own experiences with masculinity and femininity.

The exhibit ensured community involvement through several fora: panel discussions on gender and aging as well as gender and youth; screening and discussion of artists’ videos; interactive performance art by Carey McDougal; public reception; docent led tours for various classes and community youth social service groups; and guided written response stations throughout the exhibit.

The presentation will highlight objects selected because of the curators’ belief that they communicated an awareness of diverse gender experiences thereby increasing the skills and dispositions needed to function effectively in a pluralistic democracy.

At the core of this presentation is the view that the various groups we belong to construct scripts from which we perform gender roles. These scripts tell us what rural masculinity wears to a job interview, how urban femininity walks, how masculinity asks a question, how femininity answers an e-mail.

To examine gender as a theme in art - as well as to consider gendered influences on how we make, look at, collect, and display art - this presentation focuses on three themes from the exhibit:

• Rendering Gender: Age and Expectations

• Rendering Gender: Forms and Media

• Rendering Gender: Performance and Appropriation

Keywords: Gender, Gender Performance, Rural Identity, Aging, Community Involvement, Curatorial Practices
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Prof. Aaron Fine

Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director, Division of Fine Arts, Truman State University

Aaron Fine is a painter, educator, and arts professional. He received his BFA from Ohio University and his MFA from Claremont Graduate University. His own artwork deals with color, space, the figure, and narrative. Topics relating to his life in a male body are frequently raised. In 2004 he and his colleague Dr. Cole Woodcox curated "Rendering Gender" an exhibit displayed in the Truman State University Art Gallery

Dr Cole Woodcox

Professor of English, Division of Language and Literature, Truman State Unviersity

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