Show Me the Money: Music, Musicians and Advertising

Krzysztof Kubacki,
Robin Croft
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Most modern broadcast advertising now contains music of some form. But while the phenomenon has been extensively studied, it has not previously been looked at from the point of view of musicians themselves. This basis for this paper was a series of interviews with professional music-makers, where we established that they were universally opposed to the use of ‘serious’ or ‘art’ music in advertising. We found also that musicians are atypical audiences when it comes to evaluating this sort of musical form. However, we also found a considerable degree of ambivalence amongst musicians about reaching an accommodation with commerce: musicians, we felt, were both attracted and repelled by the prospect. We argue, though, that morally at least, marketers can and must attempt to understand and respect the deeply-held views of the musicians who both create and deliver the key emotional drivers of advertising. Just as music is not a commodity merely to be bought.

Keywords: Music, Advertising, Musicians, Cognition, Marketing
Stream: Art in Communities
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Paper: Show Me the Money

Krzysztof Kubacki

Lecturer in Marketing, School of Management and Business, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Aberystwyth, UK

Robin Croft

Principal Lecturer, Business School, University of Glamorgan

Ref: A06P0480