Teaching About Environment Through Art

Dr. Panayota (Pani) Stathopoulou
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It is a research about the relationships between Environmental and Art Education. Is it possible for the students, if they learn about environmental art, to realize the role of art and aesthetic in environmental protection and be consequently more sensitive in face of environmental problems? Here are some answers:

1. Environmental Education joins Art Education in four pedagogical points: multicultural/intercultural, multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary, sustainability and multisensational approach. These points, are the guiding principles of the teaching medium we created.

2. The school environment was responsible for the success of this medium, and not if the students had a previous experience in environmental education.

3. Environmental awareness is what we expected to get from the students. The evaluation research proved that we succeeded well enough.

Keywords: Art, History, Philosophy, Nature, Landscape, Environment, Ecology, Education
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Paper: Teaching About Environment Through Art

Dr. Panayota (Pani) Stathopoulou

Researcher-Educator, Center of Environmental Education
Department of Education
Faculty of Philosophy, Education, Psychology, University of Athens


Ref: A06P0486