'Private Passage': Public Art/Private Expression / High- and Low-tech Collaboration

Malcolm Cochran
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The opportunity to create a permanent public artwork for a new park on the Hudson River in NYC resulted in a work which developed from the (public) history of the site as the major port for trans-Atlantic travel and the (private) artist's experience of having sailed from NY to Europe as a young child. Realizing the work meant bringing together the talents and expertise of a superb digital renderer (John Marshall, Edinbugh); of master ironworkers at a century-old company that makes steel tanks and pressure domes for industry; and of sheet-metal workers who fashioned everything from a bedspread to a toilet out of stainless steel. This presentation will present documentation of the development of the project conceptually, historically, and in terms of the fruitful collaboration that emerged to complete the work. John Marshall, Edinburgh, is available to present his unusual use of new technologies to aid in the creation of a work fabricated by hand.

Keywords: Public Art, New Technologies, Arts in Industry, Place, History, Context, Travel
Stream: Art in Communities, Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Malcolm Cochran

Artist / Professor, Sculpture Area /
Department of Art, The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Cochran's projects often develop in response to a particular place or location; other works are more introspective and originate in personal circumstances and events. He employs materials as diverse as cow hair, vacuum cleaners, and cotton roll toweling, and as traditional as marble, granite, iron and bronze. Although his works are physically and conceptually varied, clear threads run through them: the importance of place and a strongly implied human presence are central to his expression, and the works often imply narrative possibilities. Cochran has exhibited widely in the U.S., and abroad in Finland, The Netherlands, Vienna, and Budapest. His most recent project, commissioned by the Hudson River Park Trust, NYC, is "Private Passage" (2005), a 30' long by 8'-6” diameter wine bottle made of steel which houses a free recreation of a stateroom of an ocean liner. Visitors to the park can view the interior through portholes on the sides and ends of the bottle. Malcolm Cochran is Professor of Art and Coordinator of Sculpture at The Ohio State University, Columbus.

Ref: A06P0496