International Perspectives on Training 'Movement Theatre' Artists for the 21st Century

Dr. Elisabeth Hostetter,
Melanie Stewart,
Dr. Timothy Wilson,
Peter Clarke,
Dr Anthony Dean
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The increasing international popularity of fringe festivals exemplifies a growing interest in new forms of experimental performance that bend, blend, traverse and expand the boundaries of traditional theatre and dance. Although hybrid dance/theatre (or “movement theatre”) is as old as performance itself, mainstream, commercial and institutionalized art has codified artificial boundaries that often dictate the way academia and professional arts training academies educate students in Europe and the US. Increased focus on “movement theatre” demands cutting-edge artists fluent in a wide variety of performance skills. Teachers and students must be well versed in a multi-disciplinary understanding of the vocabularies, histories and techniques of traditional arts. Our round-table panel, made up of four reknown practicing artists and scholars from the US and Europe will present perspectives regarding the current practice and future goals for training the artists who will create the new, dynamic and integrated performances of the 21st century.

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Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
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Dr. Elisabeth Hostetter

Assistant Professor, Department of Theater/Dance, Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ, USA

Dr. Elisabeth Hostetter, an assistant professor at Rowan University, teaches theatre history, graduate seminars, and acting for non-majors. Edwin Mellen Press recently published her first book, "The Berlin State Theater Under the Nazi Regime." She is currently co-writing a book on the life and work of theatrical designer, Robert Edmund Jones. Professional directing and acting projects include: "Love Letters to Stalin" and "Emmy Goring Stands by her Man" (Theater Catalyst); and "The Women" (The Palmer Project). She is a co-founder of the “In Other Words Project” that promotes recent American translations of politically relevant work from other countries. Her interest in German theatre earned her a National Endowment for the Humanities Award to study Bertolt Brecht in Berlin.

Melanie Stewart

Chair of Department, Dept of Theatre/Dance, Rowan University

Dr. Timothy Wilson

The University of North Texas

Peter Clarke

Artistic Director, Benchtours

Dr Anthony Dean

Professor of Performing Arts and Dean of Faculty, Faculty of Arts, University of Winchester, England

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