Ballroom to Boardroom: Interpersonal Communication and Interactive Performance Dimensions of Social Learning Environments

Dr. Tamara Gillis,
David Donovan
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As an application of pedagogy, this project uses a popular culture theme of learning to ballroom dance to illustrate the dynamics of interpersonal communication and interactive performance in a learning environment.

The authors use an ethnographic/phenomenological approach to document the application of these processes in the learning activity. In the conclusions, the authors provide insights into individual motivations and expectations as well as social/societal expectations.

Their findings provide insight and application to other interactive learning environments such as workplace training and development.

Keywords: Interactive Performance, Interactive Theatre, Interpersonal Communication, Social Learning, Ballroom Dance
Stream: Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Ballroom to Boardroom

Dr. Tamara Gillis

Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Communications, Elizabethtown College

Tamara Gillis, Ed.D., ABC* is associate professor and chairperson of the Department of Communications at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania. Her research interests include change management, civic involvement, organizational design, and the impact of new media. She also serves as a communications consultant with Cooper Wright LLC. In her career, she has led communication programs for higher education institutions, associations, and a health care corporation. She has served as faculty in Swaziland, Namibia, and the Semester at Sea program. The IABC Research Foundation honored her with the 2004 Foundation Lifetime Friend Award. In 2001-02 she chaired the IABC Research Foundation. The author of numerous articles and book chapters, she is co-author of a text on community media in Africa and editor of the forthcoming "IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication" published by Jossey-Bass Publishers.

David Donovan

Lecturer of Communications, Department of Communications, Elizabethtown College

Mr. David Donovan, lecturer of communications, teaches courses in speech communications, public presentation, and media and culture. Currently he is working on his doctorate and research on the interpersonal dynamics utilized in the performance of interactive theatre. He is a trained judge for theatre presentations with the American College Theatre Festival. He is a popular performer in interactive theatre in Pennsylvania.

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