New Forms, New Foundations: Reconsidering Art Foundations Programs

Prof. Aaron Fine
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The Presenter will discuss the disconnect between his institutional foundations program and the contemporary art he is teaching students to comprehend and create. Dominated by a modernist emphasis on the formal elements, this program is much like the one he studied under and is in large part a watered down third generation Bauhaus curriculum.

Discussion of his own modernist formation will be complemented by an exploration of what new “formal” elements might be included in a postmodern foundations program.

The Presenter goes on to consider preliminary findings that concept-driven form and manipulation of context have assumed much the same importance as form itself in contemporary art making. Presentation of assignments given under this new theoretical framework will then lead to discussion and audience feedback.

Keywords: Art Foundations, Bauhaus, Formal Elements, Conceptual Art, Context in Art, Contemporary Art, Changes in Education
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: New Forms, New Foundations

Prof. Aaron Fine

Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director, Division of Fine Arts, Truman State University

Aaron Fine is a painter, educator, and arts professional. He received his BFA from Ohio University and his MFA from Claremont Graduate University. His own artwork deals with color, space, the figure, and narrative. Topics relating to his life in a male body are frequently raised. In 2004 he and his colleague Dr. Cole Woodcox curated "Rendering Gender" an exhibit displayed in the Truman State University Art Gallery

Ref: A06P0533