The Creative Campus: An Exploration of Cultural Development

Dr. Scott Bridges,
Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
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Our proposal represents a unique relationship which truly embeds collaboration at its core. Colleen Jennings/Roggensack and Scott Bridges were participants in the 2004 American Asembly "The Creative Campus", sponsored by Columbia University. The immediate results of that conference resulted in their sense of discovery and shared commitment to develop the relationship between the arts and the academy. "Discovery and commitment" were key factors as two relationships developed; Professional learning - Roggensack to Bridges and institutional learning - Arizona State University to the Uniersity of Alabama. Over the next 18 months, numerous exchanges took place. Considered vital to this process are the following results at the University of Alabama: Public Engagement- to and through arts activities on and off campus; Research- Involving students attitudes, participation and education ; Partnerships- Between the two institutions, between institution and town; Student involvement- The University of Alabama has initiated a staff of student Creative Campus interns, modeled after ASU/Public Events which has been hailed by The Urban Institute as "a unique prototype of national importance to the Creative Campus ".

This has produced a systemic observation of the many ways the Creative Campus vitally intersects with the Creative Community, Creative Economy and Creative Leadership, and in particular how this relates to the lives of students. As the relationship between Roggensack/Bridges and ASU/UA has evolved a deeper level of meaningful capacity has produced a vision for The University of Alabama as a patron: We will commission 3 new musics in 2006-2007, 2 new art pieces, a staff of student critics, engage in "creative mapping" research on campus, and lead a K-12/Community Cultural Plan. Clearly this fits your description of "enchanced capacity through development of skills, knowledge and operational effectiveness". We believe this marriage to be the first of its kind in the USA and are eager to share our experiences as one potential pathway for other individuals/institutions.

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Dr. Scott Bridges

Director, Creative Campus Initiative, Academic Affairs, University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Scott Bridges has commissioned some 14 works, performed with the United States Army Band, New Jersey, Kennedy Center, and North Carolina Orchestras, concertized in China, Japan, Korea, South America, France, Italy and Holland. He has presented art luminaries ranging from John Cage to James Earl Jones at the University of Alabama. Founder of the "Realizing the Dream" annual arts tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. his next project will utilize the 350 member Million Dollar Marching band in a celebratory observation of Vivian Malone Jones walk through the "schoolhouse door".

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack

Director, Public Events, Arizona State University

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