Hemispheric Principles Part Two: Live from Downtown Atlantis

Lee M. Rozie Mixashawn
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Hemispheric Principles, is based on ancient traditions from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Using music, text, and history from my life experiences, guided and informed by the real time of my sonic traditions, I continue the role of the Jelli, (Groit) from the perspective of actual blood ties maintained and nutured by uninterupted generations of practioners. While "Hemispheric Principles" are similar to other cultural traditions that remain in certain geographical areas and/or maintain familar dress, styles of musical/cultural expression, and racially specific forms of identity, my traditional manifestations are not so readily identifiable. Our tradition/family of musical innovation is documented from the late 18th century, to the present, yet it transends race, geography, and easily recognizable cultural catagories.
With that said "Live from Downtown Atlantis" is a thought provoking meditation on water, time and the continuity of prophecy that is revealed to us everyday, in all walks of life AND life forms. Yet people tend to miss, dismiss, and "derecognize" the signs of things to come, through the self imposed and the socially reinforced filters of modern culture. With the breath of life, (the basis of oral tradition) presented in a multidiciplinary setting of music, text, and history I reconnect to the ancesterial instruction. This is not a re-creation, but a celebration of the power of music as history, proactive as opposed to reactive and abstract. Hemispheric Principles is one tradition of transending worlds.

Keywords: Water and music, equals history., Seeing the brain as past and present., Understanding the universe as waves of infinite atmospheres/frequencies.
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds, Arts Education, Meaning and Representation, Festivals, Other or Stream Unspecified
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Hemispheric Principles; Historic Perspectives, Live from Downtown Atlantis

Lee M. Rozie Mixashawn

Board of Directors, Music Keeper, Pequonawonk Canoe society
East Hartford, Connecticut, USA

I describe myself as a "Wave Artist," one who decodes waves, (sonic, aquatic, percussive, and harmonic). Sonically and percussively speaking I have worked with innovative artists like Bobby McFerin, Don Pullen, Rashid Ali, Pheron Aklaf, Vernon Reid, Notozaki Shange, Quincy Troupe, and Ravi Coltrane as well as my own group the original "Afro Algonquin." In the Harmonic realm I have received grants for musical composition from various organizations including Meet the Composer, the Jerome Foundation, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, and the Greater Hartford Arts Council.As an actor and member of SAG I have appeared in off Broadway productions in New York City, Minneapolis,and the Hartford Stage Co. As an educator I have performed workshops, residencies and concerts for museums, schools, and cultural festivals including the National Museum of the American Indian, the Smithsonion Institute, Harvard University,(Cambrige,Ma.), and the Mashentucket Schmitzen Pow Wow.On the aquatic tip, I have designed, built, and used a number canoe trimarans that have appeared in "Soundings" magazine, the Cape Cod Times, and the Hartford Courant. Throughout all this I have been active in Indigenous issues of soverignty, freedom of movement and spiritual rights, and socio-economic-enviromental problems that affect the general population, including opposition to the ongoing expantion of liquor stores in the City of Hartford school zones.

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