Arts Greenhouse: Hip Hop “Hooks” Urban Youth

Krista Campbell,
Dr. Judith Schachter
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The Arts Greenhouse is a program that fosters the artistic creativity of youth in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, a once-thriving nationally renowned center of African American music and art. In its three-year existence, this program has nurtured budding artists from an underserved community into knowledgeable and confident performers. This unique collaborative program continues to have a positive impact on strengthening the Hill District youth community, with opportunities for direct experience and study in the arts, and assessment and documentation of the learning process.

This paper documents this innovative collaboration between the university and the community, and references research about the effectiveness of arts programs for at-risk youth, in addition to providing an outline of the curriculum, evaluation and marketing strategies that have been used.

Associate Director Krista Campbell, will present an overview, including a brief video and audio samples.

Keywords: Urban Youth, Community Arts, Arts Education, Hip-Hop, Underserved Youth, Music
Stream: Art in Communities, Arts Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Arts Greenhouse

Krista Campbell

Assoc Director, Center for Arts in Society, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Krista Campbell has a BA in Liberal Arts, with a major in psychology, from Wittenberg University in Ohio, and a Master of Arts Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She has worked in museums, galleries, and community arts centers since 1988, and has broad experience in program and resource development, event management, and marketing. She has served as a reviewer of grant proposals for the Ohio Arts Council and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency. She was a founding commissioner for the Athens (Ohio) Municipal Arts Commission, and Board member of the Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau. As Associate Director at the Center for the Arts in Society, she works with resource development, as well as program management of community projects, such as Take Back the Hill and the Arts Greenhouse, and other Center events, lecture series, conferences, and student involvement.

Dr. Judith Schachter

Director, Center for Arts in Society, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Judith Schachter is a cultural anthropologist who studies kinship and the family, in the context of changes in state and national policies. She has been involved in interdisciplinary education since her appointment to Carnegie Mellon in 1984. Her first book, Ruth Benedict (1983), on the pioneer anthropologist, drew on her interests in the history of anthropology, the connections between various modes of writing, and the development of psychological approaches in anthropology. Her second book, Kinship with Strangers (1994), investigated adoption in the United States. Recently, she completed a book on adoption and general child placement policies in the United States, A Sealed and Secret Kinship (2000). Her fourth book, A Town Without Steel: Envisioning Homestead (with C. Brodsky, 1998), is a study of deindustrialization that combines anthropological insights with those drawn from a tradition of documentary photography. She also works on personal testimony, the analysis of life-stories, and the relations between verbal and visual texts. Her interests in biography and history will combine again in a book entitled "One Hundred Percent Hawaiian," an approach to Hawaiian history through the lives of one extended family.

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