Art and Cold Cash

Prof. Sheila Butler,
Prof. Patrick Mahon,
Mr. Jack Butler,
Ruby Arngna'naaq,
William Noah
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Art and Cold Cash connects contemporary art to discourses surrounding money in a series of artistic activities and experiments. Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon are artists whose practices function mainly in southern Canada and internationally, and we have, since April 2004, bee working collaboratively with writer Ruby Arngna'naaq, and artist William Noah. These two Inuit members of the Art and Cold Cash collective have lived through the change from barter economy to capitalism in Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada. The crucial intellectual property of Arngna'naaq and Noah are linked to the experiences and knowledge of Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon - all three of us have lived and worked in the Canadian North. As a team of five we have allied in order to form the basis for art production and research.

A key factor in our project is the relatively recent introduction of capitalist exchange in the Canadian Arctic. Our project highlights an important reverse contradiction: although art production as a means for earning a living was introduced to Arctic communities by the Canadian Federal Government, artists in southern Canada live primarily by subsidizing their creative production with wage employment.

Keywords: Visual Art, Drawing, Video, Inuit art, Canadian art, Art and Money
Stream: Art in Communities, Constructing Art Worlds
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Prof. Sheila Butler

Professor Emerita, Dept. of Visual Arts, University of Western Ontario

As an artist I have exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad, recently a visual art/medical science collaborative project in Toronto, December 2005, and a group exhibition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in December 2002. That same year I was a visiting speaker at Goldsmith's College, London UK. My work is included in Canadian collections such the National Gallery of Canada, the University of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, among others. At the University of Western Ontario I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in studio and contemporary theory and criticism.

Prof. Patrick Mahon

University of Western Ontario

Mr. Jack Butler

Dept of Health Care Technology and Place, University of Toronto

Ruby Arngna'naaq

Tungasuvvingat Inuit, Ottawa

William Noah

Dept: The Honourable David Simailik, Minister of Finance, Government of Nunavut

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