Aspects of Engagement in the Arts for Isolated Professional Women

Dr. Adrienne Kay Redpath
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From within the research setting of the remote and regional areas of New South Wales, Australia, this paper presents the experiences of professional women who represent a particular social and cultural flow involving education, participation and consumption pertinent to the field of the arts.

These articulate participants in today's globalised world respond, with their own particular emphases in their lives, to the concerns now raised by the Conference agenda. The issues addressed include the social, economic and educational impact of living in the Australian 'bush', where access to cultural activities can be limited; the role of the Internet in rural communications; the conflict of the traditional versus the new culture; the pressures of putting survival above intellectual pursuits in harsh surroundings; and professional women's roles in community activities - perhaps as cultural 'gatekeepers'.

Not only are there the accepted views of engagement for those people who reside in more populated areas, but also for more isolated people there exists the potential for development of artistic expression from the very source of art itself, the life being lived - when the vivid colours of the bush become a living work of art and the sounds of the birds are music - and when solitude itself allows for reflection as a source of creative inspiration.

As the design agenda of the Conference seeks to seize this historical moment for the creation of a position of power to develop the arts, this paper suggests that the experiences of isolated, professional rural women could have a significant influence on those deliberations.

Keywords: Professional Rural Women, Isolation and Social Cultural Impact, Solitude Reflection and Inspiration, Participation in the Arts, Survival Above Culture, Art in Remote Areas
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Aspects of Engagement in the Arts for Isolated Professional Women

Dr. Adrienne Kay Redpath

Griffith University, Brisbane

My early, happy childhood in the 'bush' of New South Wales, where my parents instilled in me a love of learning, preceded formal education in Sydney and a very full life of teaching, marriage, children and university studies. My interests were wide and varied, from tennis and swimming, languages, poetry, learning to fly and exhibiting at art exhibitions to overeas travel with my husband. Many years were spent in business associated with rural machinery, aeroplanes and property management, prompting the achievement of accounting qualifications combined with the teaching of law subjects to tertiary students. With a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education, a Masters Honours in Education and a Doctorate in Philosophy, my major interests continue along the path of academic expression combined with business and travel.

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