A Comparison Study of Concert Patron Demographic Characteristics

Dr. Christine A. Lai,
Prof. William R. DiPietro
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Much research has been conducted in the area of performance arts examining the demographic characteristics of arts patrons. This paper attempts to compare the demographic characteristics of patrons of a small performance arts organization in the Buffalo New York area to determine the independent role of location and production in attracting patrons. Specifically, the research seeks to investigate: the differences engendered by (i) separate locations while holding the program content constant and (ii) different concert performances at the same location. Survey instruments along with the concert program were distributed to patrons upon entering the venue at four separate concerts and collected at intermission.

In general, the findings seem to indicate that, for the demographic characteristics studied, program changes are more prone than location changes to alter the concert attendee’s demographic characteristics. . Using hypotheses tests for two independent proportions between concerts reveals that changes in the program have a significant effect on a larger number of concert patrons’ demographic characteristics than do changes in location.

Keywords: Arts Patrons, Marketing Arts, Performance Arts
Stream: Audiences
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Paper: Comparison Study of Concert Patron Demographic Characteristics, A

Dr. Christine A. Lai

Assistant Professor, Business Administration Department, Daemen College

Prof. William R. DiPietro

Professor, Business Administration Department, Daemen College

Ref: A06P0069