Mediation and Improvisation: Teaching Mediators to Improvise the Storylines of Mediation

Kathy Douglas
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Mediation is the third party facilitation of disputes and is widely used in a variety of contexts to deal with conflict. Internationally, new models of mediation have been articulated which base their practice on storytelling. These new models of mediation, including the narrative model, have a theoretical basis utlising a social constructionist perspective. Mediators need to co-author the story of the conflict that brings the parties to the mediation table. However, generally mediators have not been trained in the art of storytelling. This paper explores the work of Keith Johnstone, Impro (1981) and his ideas in the teaching of improvisation. The paper posits that mediators trained in the art of improvisation will be better able to contribute spontaneously, creatively and respectively to the restorying of the mediation dispute.

Keywords: Education, Mediation, Improvisation, Social Science
Stream: Arts Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Mediation and Improvisation

Kathy Douglas

University Lecturer, School of Social Science and Planning, RMIT University

Kathy Douglas lectures at RMIT University Melbourne Australia. She is a lawyer who practices as a mediator. She has trained community and government groups in mediation. She is interested in the use of improvisation in the practice and training of mediators. She is currently undertaking her PhD in this area.

Ref: A06P0007