Rose's Stories: Revisioning Memories

Dr. Diane Charleson
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When I was young my grandmother used to tell me stories, her stories. These stories have now become my own and have been visually represented to share with a wider audience. Using the medium of a digital video installation the viewer will be invited to partake in a space that presents these stories and at the same time create a unique storytelling environment t. It will be possible to participate in a non linear visual experience that allows the viewer to be both listener and teller of stories. This paper will present the processes and background to the formulation of the project .By utilizing the narrative inquiry research methodology ,I have been able to combine the project and research in a symbiotic way. The method of narrative inquiry allows for a personal account of the research and by its very nature, being concerned with narrative discourse, is at the core of this project. The paper will be presented with accompanying video footage from the installation to illustrate the major themes of the research.

Keywords: Rose's Stories, Phd by Project, Narrative Inquiry
Stream: Constructing Art Worlds, Analysing Artforms, Other or Stream Unspecified
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Rose's Stories

Dr. Diane Charleson

Lecturer, Creative Media, RMIT University

Diane Charleson is a lecturer in Film & Television in both post graduate and undergraduate courses. She has been a filmmaker for many years with many awards to her name.She has recently complted her PhD by project in Creative Media, Digital Cineam which comprises a video installation and exegesis by narrative inquiry.She is interested in Arts Based Reserach, Visual Research and video installtion a round the theme of narrative.

Ref: A06P0074